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11 Hours

I work 11 hours tomorrow. My assistant manager had a death in the family so I’m not really angry about it - per say but my boss was anything but kind when she asked.

I already work 1 - 9 on Wednesday’s and she calls me Monday night (which is my day off) and asks if I can come in at 6 in the morning on Wednesday. I was like “You do realize that I come in at 1 that day anyways, right?”

"No, I didn’t know that." Honestly, we’ve had the same fucking schedule since August. What is so hard to remember? Seriously. 

"Well I don’t want to be at work for 15 hours that day so I’m not coming in at 6."

"Can you come in earlier at all?" I seriously just told you I work 8 hours that day and you still want me to come in? Oh, and to top it all off; you won’t give me a fucking raise either? Seems legit. Not.

"The earliest I’ll do is 10."

"Oh that’s fine." 

And so now I’m working 10 AM - 9 PM on Wednesday.

Really not stoked.

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We have this little made up sports team thing that comes in every Sunday. It’s for kids that are like 4 - 10 and right now it’s Basketball and Cheer leading. Well, I fucking hate it. So. Fucking. Much. Its a bunch of “non-members” that come in for this stupid thing and honestly, non-members are like 10x worse than our members.

It’s not that I’m being all snooty and pretentious about who we let in. Really, it’s not.

It’s just that members already know the drill. You want a shake, fill out the shake menu. You want to know where the bathrooms are? You already know because you’re a member. You want water? The water fountain is at the end of the bar. Members already know this shit. Then we get all the non-members in and they fucking wreck the place trying to figure everything out. 

Non-members don’t know anything about how the gym or the cafe works and yet they try to assume that they do. That we should cater to them just as we cater to the rest of our clientele. While they are customers, they are not members.

So, last Sunday I get to work and this stupid girl that was there before me got the fucking plug stuck in the bottom of the sink. The sink was full of cold unsoapy water. Nothing was stocked. She didn’t do ice. I had one piece of chicken left to make orders. It was literally one of the shittiest times I had at work trying to make up for the last shift’s laziness. 

During all of this, a woman comes up, looks at me and says “I need three wraps and a kids meal.”. It is an absolute pet peeve of mine when they come up and give me the most vague order. Like when they come up and say ‘I need a protein shake,’ and then proceed to stare at me. Which fucking wrap? Which fucking protein shake? I cannot read your goddamned mind, I promise you. 

So I just look at her and I’m like “Well, if it’s a big order, I need you to fill out the order menu so I’ll remember everything.” Our order menu is essentially boxes that you check next to the item(s) you want. So I handed her one and she looked at it for maybe 2 seconds and then handed it back to me with the most disgusted look on her face.

"I don’t know how to do that," what the fuck do you mean you don’t know how? Check the fucking box you stupid bitch. I gave her step by step instructions and she still refused "I just want three chicken cesar wraps and a kids meal." and now I was fucking perturbed. I handed her back the menu and as rudely as I dared I said "Yeah, okay. Fill this out then."

Mind you, it’s busy as shit and it’s just me behind the counter. So while I’m having to deal with this bitch, I also have to take walk up orders, and make other people’s food too. I started to help another customer and she started yelling at the guy.

"We were here first, you can wait." I just looked at her for a second and then continued to help the guy. I even apologized for her behavior. So I got back to her and guess who was even angrier.

"You are so rude, do you know that?" and after all this stress I finally scoffed at her and retaliated. 

"Yes ma’am, and you’re no walk in the park either. You want 3 chicken cesar wraps and what kind of kids meal?"

"A pizza."

"Yeah, what to drink?"

"I don’t know."

"Figure it out." and then I helped another customer. When I got back to her again she gave me the rest of the order and continued to glare at me while I made it. Halfway through making the cesar wrap, I looked at her, and said "Ma’am, you’re blocking a section of the counter - I need you to go sit down."


"It’s going to take me roughly 10 minutes to make all of this because of all the traffic. You do not need to stand there and stare at me." and again she scoffed and stormed off.

So I made her whole family lunch. She did not tip me. And when she came to pick up her food she felt the need to inform me

"I’ll be in here every Sunday for this and next time I see you, you’d better have a better attitude or I’m going to report you." I laughed at her

"I’ll be in here every Sunday too and so long as I have customers like you, my mood won’t improve."

"I’m going to get your manager."

"Whatever makes you feel just in life, ma’am. Have a nice day."

The manager on duty told me that she wrote out a complaint card on me. I swear, if I get into trouble because of that bitch - I am so fucking done. 

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Top & Bottom

My boss was in the cafe the other day making herself a wrap. Her dumb ass wasn’t paying attention and when she went to cut her wrap; she cut her finger. She tried to cut it with the wrong side of the knife. After she stopped complaining and crying that she’d cut herself; she said “Wow, that’s really easy to do isn’t it? Use the wrong side of the knife? Its kind of hard to tell which side is which. I’ll fix it.” and so she got a fucking sharpie and wrote “top” and “bottom” on the handle of the knife.

I was just staring at her like “You fucking moron, none of us are that stupid.” The only time I’d ever cut myself there was when I wasn’t looking and I got my fingertip. 


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My Turn.

We got a new girl, for privacy’s sake we’ll call her Jane.  Jane doesn’t know how to do her job.  She only got one day of formal training before she got sick and when she came back, they threw her in for her shift.  I feel kinda bad for her but at the same time, it’s not that hard to make a sandwich.

I got into work today and Jane was there before me.  Well, I get in and there’s three people standing at the counter and she’s just staring at the register.  We have a deal going on fruit snacks right now; 4 for a dollar.  She was arguing with a customer that we didn’t have this deal.  Not surprised considering that nobody passes on information.  I tell her to do it and go put my stuff down.  I’m not even out front long enough to wash my hands when she starts asking me stuff.

"Do we have an Asian wrap?  Because they ordered one and I don’t think we have it." 

There’s laminated instructions taped to the counter above the cutting board.  It says it right there.  Why would you think we didn’t have it?  So I tell her “Yes, we have it.”

"Oh well I don’t know how to make it."

"I’ll teach you,"

"No, I don’t care.  I’m done for the day." And then she walks away.  I was like oh fuck no and went and got her. 

"We have a line, Jane.  You can’t just leave."

"I’ve been here all day and I’m tired and I don’t feel good."

"I don’t care how you feel.  You have to help me with these orders."

So she glares at me and stomps (literally stomps) back out to the front and starts to make a veggie wrap.  It took her 5 minutes to make the veggie wrap.  I made two Asian wraps in 3 minutes.  Then the customer comes back over to pay and he asked Jane how much and she says: “I don’t know. I’m leaving. She’ll tell you.”

I wanted to hit her.  You don’t get to bail early when we have a line.  Your shift is not over until the next person okay’s you to go.  There’s shit you have to get done.  It totally ruined the start of the day for me.  Arrogant bitch.

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My birthday’s comin’ up pretty soon and it just so happens that my assistant manager’s birthday is exactly one week before mine.  Well, I have to work on my birthday but I put up my shift at the beginning of this month (August) and my birthday is in the last week of it.

So, a week ago, my assistant manager put up Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on the calender - and underneath it he wrote “Birthday Weekend”. 

Okay, first off, I don’t have a problem with you wanting to celebrate your birthday.  But you need three days?  I’m still going to work the afternoon shift on MY birthday but I just want the evening off because my mom’s taking me to dinner.  So why the fuck do you need to take 3 days off?

Secondly, Thursday is not part of the weekend.  You’re just being arrogant to request Thursday off.  His birthday isn’t even until Friday.

Finally, it really fucking sucks because he and I are the ONLY people in the whole cafe that cover shifts.  And I need that Friday off.  


I need a vacation.

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My friend who I haven’t seen in 7 years is coming in town Friday.  I just so happen to work Friday - Sunday.  I put up one of my Friday shifts and my Saturday shifts so I could spend time with my friend.  Surprise, surprise, nobody’s taken any of my shifts.

Really fucking nice considering that I cover for everyone.  All the time.  Just wanted 2 days off so I could be with my friend.  So now not only do I have to work those days but I put down that I would work Monday too because I expected to be able to make up the shifts I missed with the Monday shift.  So it looks like the only day off I’ll even have is Tuesday, which is the day that she’s leaving.

On the same note, that week I’m only going to have Tuesday off because we got our new schedule for the rest of the year.  A woman quit and I wrote down that I’d take two Wednesday shifts and the shift before mine on Sunday.

My boss called me yesterday and told me that I couldn’t have the second shift on Wednesday or the shift on Sunday because she was going to hire a new person.  Makes sense right?  Lets hire a new person instead of just giving our current employees more hours.  Instead, she’s putting me on afternoon shifts.  4 hour shifts.  

I don’t want a 4 hour shift.  Those shifts aren’t even worth me driving all the way out there.  And she’s putting me on them for Wednesday and Thursday.  That means that it’s going to get increasingly difficult for me to get a new job considering that I’ll only be available for two days of the week.  When I get to work Friday, because I have to work my shift anyways, I’ll see the schedule’s final copy.

And from the final copy, I’ll probably tell my manager to go fuck herself.

And that she doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground.

And that the cafe sucks.

And that her son that works there is a lazy douche.

And that the assistant manager is a lazy douche.

And that all of the night crew think it’s okay to ask me for free stuff.

And that everything in there is over priced.

And that I am the best worker she’s ever had back there.

And that I’m calling the health code people on her.

Fucking seriously.  


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You know, I had a really good day at work until about 6:30.  I really did.  People were nice, we weren’t really out of anything, and the person that worked before me actually had a lot of stuff done when I got there.  All-in-all I was having an above average day.

Well around 6-ish, a kid broke his ankle in the basketball court.  That didn’t directly matter to me because that was the manager’s thing to deal with.  The kid had to hop into the dining area and his friends followed.  They were decent at first.  My manager had a cussing fit in front of them.  When I say “kid” I mean maybe 15 - 17 years old, so don’t think that their innocent ears were violated.

I made them a little cheese pizza and got them a small drink.  They paid me in cash the first time and then the other kid wanted one.  I turned around to get him a drink and while my back was turned, the little mother fucker took money from my tip jar.  I turned back around and he paid me with my fucking dollar.

I didn’t even notice until about 3 minutes after I served them.  I just so happened to look at the tip jar and noticed I was a dollar short (it only had 2 dollars in it).  I decided to go open up the till and sure enough, there was my dollar.

How do I know it was my dollar, you ask?  Because somebody tipped me it and they put it in the jar folded up into a tiny square of paper.  I’d unfolded it and layed it out in my tip jar.  To be sure, I took the dollar out and folded it along the creases just to prove my point.

Now that I was seriously pissed off, I found the night manager, and told him what happened.  The kids were on the other side of the dining area and he went over to talk with them.  I don’t know exactly what my manager said to them but they fessed up to it.  

They gave my manager a dollar for the drink that they stole money to pay for and apologized to him.  He told them they had to come apologize to me but to give it a few minutes because I was pretty upset.  Pretty upset?  More like fucking livid.

As I’ve stated in numerous entries on this blog; I work in a really well off part of town.  These people make around $60,000 - 100,000 a year.  They’ve got more money than sense.  Their children drive brand new cars.  The kids live a life of luxury because their parents work their asses off.  They don’t understand the value of a dollar.  They don’t understand what it’s like to have to work for a living.  They’ve never gone home and went to bed hungry because they can’t afford dinner.  They haven’t ever had to decide which bill they have to pay this month or what they can’t live with out.

About 10 minutes after my manager confronted them, I had a customer.  I was helping the man when the kids walked by again.  Their version of an “apology” was walking by the cafe and mumbling “sorry” and then walking back into the basketball court.  Really?  That’s ALL you have to freaking say to somebody you just stole from?  I’m sorry?! 

I could call the cops on you.  I could call your fucking parents.  I could call my manager, or better yet, the gym’s manager and get you banned.  I could email your basketball coach and inform he/she that you think it’s alright to steal from people.  Am I going to? No.  Did I think about it? Fuck yes I did.

I would never call the cops on somebody for a dollar.  It’s a dollar, man.  I’m not flipping out because of the amount of money; I’m flipping out because you thought it was okay.  Furthermore, I was really fucking nice to them.  I really chill out after my bosses leave and I’m pretty relaxed with the refill policy.  They had a small cup mostly full of ice.  I wasn’t going to make them pay 50 cents for a refill.

I was being nice.  Nicer than I usually am and yet you steal my money.  Then you have the fucking gall to turn right around and pay me with my own dollar.  I’m not a tenured thief or anything but if I were to steal a dollar from somebody, I wouldn’t use it on them right away.

What really fucking gets me here is that these kids life all sorts of privileged.  They don’t have to work for a thing because their parents give them everything.  These are the kind of kids that will get to go to a nice university whether they have good grades or not.  Yet they didn’t feel obligated to use their own money.

I work for a living.  Gas is almost 3.50 a gallon.  I didn’t eat dinner tonight because I couldn’t afford it.  My life is nothing of luxury.  I’m sure they didn’t know that but it doesn’t matter.  How dare you steal money from somebody.  Especially while their back is turned.  Especially somebody that’s going out of their way to be nice to you.  And then you give them a weak ass apology - and you give me the apology while I’m busy with a customer.  I can’t yell at you while I’m with another customer.  

I really couldn’t have said anything anyways.  I would have chewed them the fuck out.  I probably would have gotten myself fired with all of the shit I wanted to say to them.  I was really trying to keep my cool.  I didn’t want to cause a scene over a dollar.  I really did want to at least call their parents though.  

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Game on.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday I take over from my Assistant Manager’s shift.  Now, I’m used to him not doing a damn thing while he’s at work.  Every shift I take over for him; the first hour is mainly cleaning up and stalking because he didn’t.  So let’s talk about Thursday.

Thursday’s are usually pretty lax for me.  Its the order day but our order isn’t very difficult to put away.  Any who, I clock in and while I’m walking over to the cafe; my assistant manager isn’t anywhere behind the counter.  I shrugged it off, assuming he was in the back room.  I walk into the back room to put my stuff down - and he’s nowhere to be found.  I shrugged it off again, guessing that he was over at courtesy or in the bathroom or something.

I walk out of the back room to find that the cafe was destroyed.  Everything was a complete mess.  Our tortillas were sitting out along with the chicken, turkey, ham, and chicken salad.  The washing water was brown and cold and the sanitizing water was murky and lukewarm at best.  So now I’m kind of frustrated - and that’s when he pops up.

"Oh hey, didn’t see you come in." My assistant manager was sitting in the dining area in front of the cafe.  He was just sitting there watching the baseball game and eating a small bag of chips.  And now I was beyond pissed off.  He walked back into the back room, grabbed his keys, and said "Have a good shift." and left.

He left me with his goddamned mess.  Like I said, I’m used to it but…this was like insult to injury.  Not only was it apparently my job to clean up after his ass but he made no effort to even try and help.  Furthermore, I know for a fact that if I sat in the dining area while I was supposed to be working that I would get fired.  If not fired, at least heavily scolded.

He is my “assistant manager”.  He makes at least 3 dollars more an hour than I do and I work harder than he does.  I may not work 40 hours a week and take everybody’s shift when they’re put up but I work harder.  It’s also a little hard to get even 30 hours a week because according to my boss “He’s a manager so he has to get 40 hours.”

Manager of what?  She only promoted him so that she didn’t have to work weekends or evenings.  Everybody that I work with is fucking lazy.  

And we have these new things called “employee notes”.  This month’s Cafe note is that “There is plenty to do around here.  If you run out of things to do start cleaning; just because it is ‘slow’ does not mean you get to stand behind the counter and text.” Okay, well that’s fair enough…right?  Yeah, to an extent.

There is jack shit to do during my shifts because I clean, stock, and prep everything in 2 hours.  So just what, if I may ask, are the rest of your precious employees doing with their time?  Matter of fact, what are you doing with your time?  My manager is just as fucking lazy as everybody else.  The majority of the time I see her, she’s on her fucking phone.  She takes 2 hour lunch breaks in the middle of the day and then comes back and sits in her office.  Oh, and when she’s not sitting in her office she’s either back in courtesy with her friends talking or in the back room reading a magazine.

She’ll stay until 6 or 7 at night doing nothing just to get the hours.

I work more than my manager for fuck’s sake.  The only thing she does is sit on her ass and put in the order - and she can’t even do the order right!

We were out of lemons for 2 weeks because she forgot to order them.  We’re out of tomatoes because she forgot to order them last week.  We’re going to be out of ham by Tuesday because she didn’t order any of that.  She’s just awful.

Honestly, I’m really considering trying to work my way up and take her job.  Not so much because I want to be in middle management at a gym for the rest of my life; but mostly so I can show those dumbshits what Managers are supposed to do.

It’s game-fucking-on as far as I’m considered.  

Oh, and I didn’t get that 50 dollar tip.  My guess is that the gym took it for themselves…kind of like the majority of my tip money.  My check says I only made 5.00 in tips in the past two weeks.  Yeah, I really doubt that.

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